Reverse Unloader

ACTS Reverse Unloader Valve is a circulation valve run on tubing that permits fluid circulation between the tubing and annulus. It is primarily used for stimulation operations with the ACTS VantagePRO™ Multi-stage Fracturing System involving coiled tubing when it is necessary to pump fluid from the tubing to the annulus into a set of perforations or into an opened fracturing valve. The reverse unloader valve is opened by applying compression to the valve and closed by applying tension to the valve. The valve’s internal and external components have been specifically designed to function reliably after multiple open/close operating cycles even in severe proppant-laden fluid environments. This includes specific flow-wet component areas of the valve being process hardened to ensure long life from fluid abrasion effects. To ensure reliable sealing performance in severe wellbore environments with exposure to varying pressure differentials during multiple shift open/close cycles, the reverse unloader valve incorporates durable elastomeric and non-elastomeric v-seal stacks. The reverse unloader is usually run in tandem with ACTS Resettable Compression Packer which acts as the isolation device during stimulation operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple reliable operation: apply compression to open the valve and tension to close the valve
  • Torque-through tool capability for use with jointed tubing
  • Specific flow-wet components hardened to resist erosion from fluid cutting effects
  • Internal mandrel slots are automatically aligned with external frac sub slots during tool assembly eliminating any stimulation fluid tortuous path concerns or flow restrictions
  • A combination of elastomeric and non-elastomeric v-seals are used for reliable sealability in severe wellbore environments involving multiple valve open/close cycles particularly under varying differential pressure release conditions
  • Reverse Unloader Valve is compatible with other ACTS equipment such as the Resettable Compression Packer for pressure isolation operations