EnhancePRO™ Slim-line Injection Control Devices (ICD) and Fracturing Systems


Slim-Line Dissolvable Injection Valve
Slim-line Dual Position Injection Valve
Shiftable Injection Valve Actuating Tool


The EnhancePRO™ slim-line multi-stage system is designed for dynamic well applications. The system can be used in variable-rate injection/production well conversions or high-rate re-frac applications, allowing operators to maximize the use of existing well inventory. The EnhancePRO™ system is composed of multiple mechanically shifted re-closable valves run in the injection or recompletion string that are actuated using a specially designed coiled tubing bottomhole assembly (BHA). Isolation between the valves is accomplished by dual-piston cased-hole packers designed to be retrievable or permanent. The retrievable packers can be set up to be triggered or released with variable shear screw configurations based on operators’ requirements.

For injection operations, the coil tubing BHA is then used to shift the valves open. For re-fracturing or slim-line open-hole applications, the system is designed to be ball drop activated.