Millable Ball Valve (Permanent Locked Open)

ACTS Millable Ball Valve (Permanent Locked Open) is a ball actuated fracturing valve designed to stimulate multiple intervals in open hole or cemented well bores. High flow circumferential ports, once opened by ball drop operations, permit continuous communication to the reservoir for high pressure stimulation operations and production. The valve’s internal components have been specifically designed to function reliably after cased hole cementing operations eliminating any concerns of valve lock-up. The valve is actuated by low specific gravity balls available in different material configurations depending on the intended application. One ball material type available is dissolvable when exposed to water and does not require chlorides to be present for dissolving action to occur. The valve’s seats and balls are available in 1.06, 1.59, 2.38, and 3.18 mm (1/24, 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8 in) increments permitting increased interval density capability to enable increased stimulation pump rates and production optimization.

Features & Benefits 

  • Valve design ensures reliable function after cementing operations
  • Cement wiper ball ensures liner and valve ball seats are cleaned after cementing operations
  • Ball seat can be milled out when valve is closed or opened permitting milling flexibility
  • Valve port area is larger than liner flow area to prevent stimulation screenouts at the valve
  • Valve is permanently locked open when functioned ensuring full production potential through valve ports
  • Ball seat geometric features enhances ball on seat pressure rating, ball off seat performance, and production capability
  • Dissolvable ball material option maximizes liner production flow
  • Premium threads and metallurgies available for harsh wellbore environments