Open Hole Anchor

ACTS Open Hole Anchor is a hydraulically actuated anchor that prevents the liner string from moving upwards and potentially being damaged during fracturing operations of the lowermost (toe) interval. The compact design reduces friction associated with bending through aggressive build sections in the wellbore and the anchor’s “tongue and groove” slips are radially locked in place during installation resulting in reliable deployment. The anchor’s short length and minimal weight also eliminates any requirements for handling pup joints reducing operator costs. With the anchor’s large ID, future milling and service tools easily pass through without any restriction concerns. The anchor is available in multiple thread and metallurgy configurations to be equivalent to required liner specifications for varying downhole operating environments.

Features & Benefits 

  • ”Tongue and groove” slip design improves deployment reliability
  • Anchor incorporates additional setting stroke and OD expansion capabilities to anchor within enlarged open hole sections
  • Slips with large circumferential surface area and wicker design enhance open hole anchoring ability
  • Trigger pressure is adjustable to accommodate varying operating requirements
  • Internal hydraulic chamber ratchet ring ensures slip engagement is maintained or enhanced during fracturing or production operations
  • Top and bottom subs of anchor are designed to ensure anchor’s setting force is not lost due to cylinder sliding friction
  • Can be run in tandem with ACTS Open Hole Packer for interval isolation