Casing Collar Locator

ACTS Casing Collar Locator is a mechanical depth correlation tool run on coiled tubing used to accurately locate casing collar gaps. Spring locating arms with fastened indicating dogs create a detectable overpull force at surface as the dog is pulled upwards through the casing collar gap. This “actual” depth measurement can be compared to casing tally data to determine necessary depth correction factors for improved placement accuracy for various wellbore operations. The locator has been specifically designed to work reliably in proppant-laden wellbore environments with its flow through spring locating arm design. The locator is usually run as an accessory device with ACTS Resettable Compression Packer and ACTS Abrasive Perforator which provides accurate depth placement for pressure isolation and perforating operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Spring locating arms permit effective sand displacement allowing reliable operation in proppant-laden wellbore environments
  • Spring locating arms are field adjustable to provide 2,670 or 4,448 daN (6,000 or 10,000 lbf) overpull force at surface when locating collars for varying wellbore depths and conditions
  • Hardened indicating dogs with an aggressive angle geometry provide positive reliable collar gap indication while the tubing is moved upwards
  • Modular design allows indicating keys to be easily changed to function in different casing sizes and weights