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Cemented Shiftable Valve
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Cemented Shiftable Valve


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ACTS Cemented Shiftable Valve is a mechanical actuated full bore fracturing valve designed to stimulate multiple intervals in a well bore. With coiled tubing being the primary conveyance method, the valves are mechanically shifted open using ACTS Cemented Shiftable Valve Actuating Tool. Once opened, high flow circumferential ports permit continuous communication to the reservoir for high pressure stimulation operations and production. Any number or combination of valves can also be closed using the same actuating tool to prevent unnecessary reservoir inflow. If there is a need to restimulate specific intervals after valves have been closed, they can be reopened creating flexibility for pumping operations. The valve’s internal components have been specifically designed to function reliably after cased hole cementing operations eliminating any concerns of valve lock-up. To ensure reliable sealing performance in severe wellbore environments after multiple shift open and close cycles, the valve incorporates durable non-elastomeric seal stacks.

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