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Shiftable Injection Valve Actuating Tool

ACTS EnhancePRO™ Shiftable Valve Actuating Tool is a field proven flow activated tool that either opens or closes ACTS EnhancePRO™ Shiftable Injection Valves for variable rate injection/production well applications. With coiled tubing being the conveyance method, the actuating tool is engineered to automatically engage and open a valve when coiled tubing circulation is stopped while pulling upwards in the wellbore. Alternatively, the actuating tool automatically engages and closes a valve when coiled tubing circulation is stopped while pushing downwards in the wellbore. Whether opening or closing a valve, the actuating tool is designed to automatically release from a fully shifted valve simplifying valve disengagement operations. The actuating tool can pass through a valve without shifting the valve by initiating coiled tubing circulation, which retracts the actuating tool’s shifting arms. The actuating tool has been specifically designed to function reliably in debris-laden environments with the ability to clean itself and internal valve components when circulating down the coiled tubing.

Features & Benefits 

  • Actuating tool incorporates radial and axial jet nozzles which clean the immediate exterior area around the tool during circulation operations for reliable actuating tool and valve functionality
  • Automatic valve engagement and disengagement after shifting operation increases operator confidence at surface and offers operational time savings
  • Actuating tool uses two high strength springs for shifting arm extension reliability
  • Shifting arms on actuating tool are hardened for abrasive wear resistance and long life
  • Standard bi-directional shifting arms permit valve to be opened or closed; optional uni-directional shifting arms permit valve to be opened or closed only
  • In-line high flow filter ran above actuating tool prevents actuating tool from plugging during circulation operations
  • In-line circulation sub ran below actuating tool ensures reliable jet nozzle functionality when circulating fluid passes through actuating tool into annulus
  • Various size configurations available with the ability to work inside tubing size as small as 60.3 mm (2.375 in)