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Slim-line Dual Position Injection Valve
Shiftable Injection Valve Actuating Tool

Dual Position Injection Valve

ACTS EnhancePRO™ Shiftable Injection Valve is a mechanical actuated full bore injection valve designed for variable rate injection/production well applications. With coiled tubing being the conveyance method, the valves are mechanically shifted to an open or closed position using ACTS EnhancePRO™ Shiftable Valve Actuating Tool. With the valves opened, specifically sized injection nozzles permit continuous injection capability to the reservoir. Any number or combination of valves can also be closed using the same actuating tool to customize injection operations as required. Tri-position or Dual-position valve options permit operators to change flow rate through multiple injection nozzle sizes or to stop the injection rate completely over the life of the well’s injection program. The valves are available in various metallurgies and can be supplied with anti-corrosive protective coatings to suit varying application requirements.

Features & Benefits 

  • Valve available in Tri-position and Dual-position configurations to suit varying wellbore injection operating requirements
  • Minimal shifting force required for operation to permit coiled tubing actuation in extended reach horizontal wells
  • Detent lock mechanism ensures valve maintains desired injection or non-injection mode
  • Various nozzle sizes and metallurgies available to suit injection program requirements
  • Field proven ACTS EnhancePRO™ Shiftable Valve Actuating Tool ensures reliable valve shifting operation
  • Various valve metallurgies and protective coatings available for demanding wellbore environments