Liner Top Packer Setting Tool

ACTS Liner Top Packer Setting Tool is an accessory device that permits ACTS Liner Top Packer to be actuated, set, and tested independently without pressure having to be applied to the liner string below the packer. The setting tool consists of an upper packer cup assembly and a lower ball seat assembly which is connected to the bottom of the liner top packer’s latch seal assembly. Upon having established circulation in the liner string, a ball is dropped from surface and lands on the lower ball seat assembly to direct pressure to the liner top packer’s hydraulic setting chamber. The liner top packer can then be set and pressure testing operations can be conducted. Pressure is now increased to shift the ball seat down in the setting tool to open circulation ports that allow the drill pipe string to drain while being removed from the wellbore. The setting tool can then be removed from the liner top packer by applying rotation to disconnect the liner top packer’s latch seal assembly from the liner top packer.

Features & Benefits 

  • Setting tool usage provides liner pressure application flexibility for varying applications
  • 41 MPa (6,000 psi) differentially rated cup assembly for packer setting operations
  • Two different ball seat sizes incorporated into the ball seat assembly provides operational ball drop redundancy
  • Ball seat trigger pressure is adjustable to accommodate varying operating requirements
  • Built-in ball and seat catcher and circulation ports permit drill pipe drainage during removal